Kuroi Tsubasa

A Magical Girl Visual Novel

I just wanted to laze around in the sun...
Man, why did it come to this? Name's Blackwing by the way, I'm not exactly sure how I got this name, but hey, it's something, right? Anyway, I just left... the underground recently. Even as a devil it's all fire and brimstone down there, really not my style. Up here with all the earthlings it's so much nicer. Just gotta keep the evil inside in check, right? Can't be that hard.
It would be unimaginable if that part of me splits up, manifests as shadows, and causes havoc all over town. Can't happen. Nuh-uh.

It happened. Oh dear, Now I have to find someone with enough positive emotions, that can contain my glorious self, and help me defeat the shadow, so I can go back to my dreams of laziness. This plain office lady over there... Kureha, was it? She and her newfound friends will help me. Let's play pretend magical girl, kukuku.

Kuroi Tsubasa is a Visual Novel with different paths to take. The game features over 120.000 words of dialogue and a whole town to explore! Meet Kureha and her friends on this charming adventure. A full original soundtrack of over 60 songs, dozens of high-quality art pieces, a unique cast, and a heartwarming story await you!

All main characters are based on ACTUAL VTUBERS. Check them out in the About section!

*The Game is completely free. Additional content may not be.

The Story

A Colorful Adventure

Japan, 20XX. Unbeknownst to anyone, a small miracle happened, a devil managed to escape from the Underworld. This devil was named... wait, what was it again? Well, it does not matter.

Anyway, a devil escaped from hell. However, there is a very good reason dwellers of the Underworld are seldomly met up here. Devils exude a strong... miasma of sorts, you see. And this miasma can manifest and cause all kinds of evil things. Our little devil worries not. After all, before anything bad can happen, there is probably gonna be plenty of time, right?

Let's just relax and enjoy actual, real sunlight for a bit.

And that is the point where everything goes wrong. Our little devil, who really just wanted to get a tan, accidentally unleashed pure evil into the world. While seeking someone who can help he stumbled upon a weirdly positive office lady. Sensing his chance, he proceeds to possess a plushie of hers to contain any further leakage. The office lady's positive energy is enough to keep that in check for now.

However, the shadow, the miasma is still on the loose. The only way for the devil to do anything is to offer the office lady a bit of his power - to defeat the shadow, and to fulfill his grandiose dream of lazing around afterward.

Can Blackwing-chan and Kureha Kurono defeat the evil shadow? Not alone, definitely not. Luckily they meet many friends and new companions along the way.

Together, with the power of friendship, this magical girl adventure can begin!


Don't tell her I caused this mess, ya hear?!?

Uwaa you found me OwO

The Characters

Meet your new best Friends


The Art

Carefully Crafted Curiosities

0 Backgrounds A whopping 63 backgrounds, from dark alleyways to bustling city centers. Enjoy the home-turf of Kureha and Blackwing to the fullest!
0 Full Models A full collection of models, fully rendered facial expressions, and multiple poses.
0 NPC Images A fun collection of images of the many NPCs in the game. The town sure feels more alive, right?
0 Unique CGs Beautifully rendered out, artistic visuals that enhance the experience manyfold.

The Music

A humongous Soundtrack

Over 60 unique tracks were carefully composed by our creative musicians. The OST spans over multiple genres, so there's always the right track for the right moment.

Be it the soft, simple tones of our heroine, the regal bombast of Rurika, or the cool tunes of Onizuka. Each character is presented in their own, perfect style.

Aside from our very talented two inhouse artists, the OST also features vocal performances of Kenzo White, the mixing expertise of Mochidea and a few further guest composers.

Furthermore: If you purchase the soundtrack (sold separately) you automatically gain the license to use the songs as background music in your streams and video production*.
*As long as proper attribution to KUROI TSUBASA is given

Check out a few samples in the player below and if you like what you hear: consider buying the soundtrack on Steam.


About Us

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